Product Questions

Product Questions

Why Is the Product So Brown?

The color of the product when it’s applied is actually a built-in color guide, a dark temporary color, so that you can see where you’re applying the product on your skin. This was one of the most technologically advanced discoveries we made in developing this product because this temporary color pigment eliminated any streaking. Our customers are ‘in control’ of their product as they see the self-tanner go right onto their skin. IMPORTANT NOTE: This color is not a stain or a dye, but it is a naturally-based organic color pigment that is temporary. The organic tanning agent DHA is what actually tans your skin. The color pigment that shows when you apply the product is for application purposes only.

Will it stain my clothing or other items?

No, it will not stain. Since the organic color pigment is not a stain or dye, it will wash out of any synthetic material. We have thoroughly tested such materials with our product and found that our self-tanning products easily wash out of synthetic materials, even easier than make-up. There is no need for special fabric treatments, etc.

How long does it last?

This is one of our favorite questions! Each application lasts a week. Thus, we often boast that you should only apply our product once or twice a week on average! Of course, you may find your own maintenance schedule based on how dark you want your tan to be. Remember that you’re the one in control, and you can deepen your tan by applying more or less as desired.

Will it wash off?

No, the self-tanning agents will not wash off. The organic color pigment that acts as a guide for application will rinse off, and we recommend that you rinse this off the morning following your application at night. But the unique tanning agent Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is what will create a real tan on your skin’s surface, so just like a tan from the sun that does not wash off, the tanning agent will not wash off.

NOTE: DHA is not permanent. It will fade just as any suntan does, which is why a weekly application is recommended to maintain your tan.

Can I use it in the sun or in tanning beds?

Yes, you can! In our research, we found that while stimulating the dark pigment of the skin (known as melanin) with our product formula and then exposing the skin to any form of sun tanning, acceleration occurs. So those who want to combine our product with their other tanning regimens will find much faster and more satisfying results. For this very reason, many tanning salons have been interested in carrying our products. Not only are many using our products as a melanin accelerator along with tanning beds, but many customers who usually cover their faces in the tanning bed or have uneven tanning areas such as on their sides have found our products to be ideal for these hard-to-tan areas. NOTE: We do recommend the use of SPF or sunscreen when engaging in any form of sun tanning.

Does your product have any Sunscreen or SPF?

No, our self-tanning products do not have sunscreen in them, but we do have an SPF sunscreen product – our Sol Survivor SPF-30 Spray with antioxidants. Sol Survivor is specially formulated to use over your existing Fake Bake tan.

What about swimming with the product?

Again, we emphasize that this product fades but doesn’t wash off. However, do not swim immediately after application of the product as this would result in wasting the product. For the best results, we recommend you apply the product at night and shower the next morning. Thus, swim after your morning rinse but not immediately after application.

Are there any harmful effects with using this product?

Any dermatologist will agree that it’s much better to use a dihydroxyacetone formula like our self-tanning product to create a tan than to bake for prolonged hours in the sun! Our product has had no animal testing – first for a reason that our company felt very conscientious about, and secondly because our products do not use any harmful ingredients that would have ever required extensive testing. We feel we have the most organically-based product that promotes healthy skin.

How long does it take to dry?

The level of moisture in each person’s skin type can vary greatly, but in general, we have found that our product takes only about 5-10 minutes to dry.